Commercial – Research Labs – Office

With over 30 years of high-level commercial skylighting experience, United Skys is able to offer almost limitless design possibilities for your project.  Whether you’re looking to increase office productivity, attempting to foster innovation in a research facility, or just setting your building apart from the run-of-the- mill developments, our commercial skylights are available in a wide array of glazing, finishing and custom size options to help your ideas come to life.

Cultural – Museums

One of the most spectacular features that can be added to structures such as museums, libraries, schools, or any attraction is natural light flooding the building. United Skys’ skilled team can design and install skylights that add to the ambiance of your space. The skylight is a critical part of the overall transformation of any building, helping to create a brighter, warmer, and a more inviting atmosphere.


It has been proven that poor lighting in school can affect health, efficiency, and the learning process. There are many studies that show schools that have provided natural daylighting have higher standardized test scores. This natural light also make students more efficient and improves their health and growth.

Government – Correctional – Military

LEED certification and energy efficiency are the leading criteria for new construction in government buildings. Creating a source of natural light can play a crucial role in the green building process. Skylights providing this natural light achieve both of these criteria. United Skys skylights leads the drive in these sustainable designs.


There are multiple reasons why introducing natural daylight into a structure is beneficial. Studies have shown that natural daylight brings an increase on energy and an overall positive wellbeing. Doctors, nurses, and patients alike can benefit from these positive attributes. Let United Skys show you how we can increase your productivity and bring a positive attitude into your building.


Skylights bring natural sunlight into your building reducing the need for high priced artificial lighting. Natural lighting, which has been proven to improve health and general happiness, is also cost effective and promotes customer satisfaction, which is an overall winning combination. Your facility also benefits from the luxurious look of a unique skylight from United Skys.

Recreation – Zoos – Sports Facilities

Whether you are building a new stadium for your team, an indoor water park, or a new attraction at your theme park, United Skys can bring your vision to reality.
Recreational establishments are involved in producing, promoting, or participating in live performances, events, or exhibits intended for public viewing by patrons.

Historical Rehabilitation

Historic rehabilitation adapts a property for a compatible use through repair, alteration and addition while preserving those portions or features that convey its historical, cultural, or architectural values.

With increased public interest, more jurisdictions are adopting historic preservation regulations. We can work with you to rehabilitate old, and outdated sloped glazing to bring it up to code while keeping the integrity of its historical value.


Natural light creates a more relaxed atmosphere. Whether an airport, bus terminal or train station, reducing stress of both customers and employees can be extremely valuable. Skylights are the most efficient providers of sunlight. A United Skys skylight moves the natural sunlight into your facility.